What the EU wants.

28th November 2016 By Les

Francois Fillon selected yesterday to stand next April in the French Presidential election and today the Polish PM visiting Mrs May in London , all effecting the Brexit negotiations starting next year. The UK press and TV / Radio look at all these happenings in isolation ,but would it be a great idea if they could look at each Euro country ,all 27 of them one at a timeĀ  to see what public opinion is as regards to Brexit at the moment ,also what are the main demands they want from the UK and how strong are these demands . Also look at what is going to or couldĀ  change in these countries over the next 12/24 months ,with Local /National elections and how this could effect their position regarding Brexit. This would not only help the UK Public to understand where Europe is coming from , but also help business to see what is possible. Otherwise when negotiations start for real ,it is going to be a great shock for an unprepared public.