The NHS and Social Services crisis.

14th December 2016 By Les

The NHS and Social Services in the UK have several shared problems ,which has got worst under a Conservative Government , lack of funds , increase demand from an aging population ,large number of foreign workers , plus the demand for higher standards of care. This is quickly reaching a crisis , no spare beds in hospitals , care homes closing because of lack of funds ,more old people blocking hospital beds ,as there is no where to send them once well ,and old people in their own homes not receiving support . We are told the UK is a rich country ,so the extra money can be raised in either direct or indirect taxation , we just need a government with a will to do it ,before it is too late.  That leaves one other problem , large number of foreign workers employed in both the NHS and Social Services ,what is going to happen once Brexit starts with these workers are being forced home ,money will not solve that problem.