The HMRC Scandal and Disabled Children.

26th November 2016 By Les

It has come to light this week that due to poor communication, information  between two Government departments ,Works and Pensions and HMRC (tax office) lead to  a large number of Low income families with disabled children not receiving extra tax credits which they were entitled to because of a communication mistake .It lasted between 2011 and this year ,worth between £3000 and £4000 a year depending on the level of disability of the child. The scandal is not the mistake ,as mistakes happen we are all human. The scandal is that HMRC now says it will give the correct tax credit for 2016-17 ,meaning these families will get a payment for £3000/£4000 for this year ,but not for the earlier missed years. These disable children  now lose a large  amount of funds which would help improve the conditions in which they live . The mistake was not made by the disable children ,but they are the ones and their families who have had extra suffering since 2011 , it is not the civil servants , the politicans  or even Mrs May who is going to suffer ,but they ones who have just said no to giving this money back. It makes you fill great to be British ,proves it is not a fair world ,especially if you are a disabled child and your family , who are trying to improve your quality of life.