The Donald Trump Party

23rd November 2016 By Les

When Donald Trump started his campaign , he was a total outsider . So the only way to improve his prospects was to create a campaign so different from the two traditional parties .For this he appears to picked out certain extreme views ,which appears to have appealed to certain sections of the American population ,and in his speeches he pushed these views to the limit and beyond.Basically him said what his supporters wanted to hear ,regardless if it was possible or true.

Now the Trump party is in power he his looking around to to see what is acceptable to society and what is possible .Those extreme promises made to the voters is being put on the back boiler as he does not need them anymore , and he is changing his policy to meet the new situation. His policy often depends on who he is talking to , and at this moment it could go in various directions . Are we going to have 4 years of constant change ,depending on what appeals on that particular day to Trump. Or does he have a deep down policy which will only come to light as the months pass. The real problem is that this does not only effect the American population ,but has far reaching effects on the rest of the world.