The Brexit Phoney Period

24th November 2016 By Les

Yesterday with the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement we have reached another step in preparing the UK for the battle to come with the EU. The BREXIT supporter’s club say everything has been overstated in what will happen when we leave the EU , look what has happened already ,the pound has started to regain some of it’s strength , unemployment is still under 5% ,with our growth figures only slipping a little ,and still better than most countries in the EU. They seem to forget one little thing ,after the BREXIT vote ,the next stage has not started yet. It will not be until March next year that the UK will inform the EU officially that it is going leave the EU ,and the process will start. Two years have been marked out for the process to be completed , but the 1st year will be slow ,with major elections taking place in both France and Germany , with nothing is going to completed until the EU knows who controls those two countries. It must also be mentioned that although the UK wants to be fair on the terms of leaving , and maintaining a good relationship with the rest of Europe , The EU will be fighting to save the union , with many countries lining up to leave if the leaving process is easy and pain free. Everything points to the EU making the terms very tough and painful , which will bring problems to the UK economy and way of like . Even if it hurt’s the EU even more , so long as it stops other countries wanting to leave the union. We are not talking common sense here ,we are talking EU politics , and blood will be split on both sides.