Putin and Russia

17th December 2016 By Les

When will the West realise that their is no limt to what Putin will do to increae the position of Russia ,so long as he thinks he can get away with it . In cyber attacks ,or international assinations , he just says Russia is not involved , and there is no way the victims can prove that Putin is involved. With invasions of independant countries such as the Ukraine (Crimea) ,or Georgia , he just says it is a local uprising with Russia  helping the local people ,regardless of internation law ,might is right.  Goes as far as to shooting down passenger aircraft over the Ukriane ,by Russian trained soldiers. In Aleppo Russia is playing the same again , playing with peoples lives to gain polictical advantage , give a little take a lot. Lets hope Putin does not push his policy to far , one mistake could lead to major conflict.