National Health Service and Brexit

13th December 2016 By Les

Been in hospital for the past week ,and it did not take long to realise how the NHS depends on workers from every part of the world ,and with every new face your meet you asked where they came from ,it was not just limited to nurses , but to doctors ,health workers and the various service providers. It was almost spot the employee of British decent ,but the most interesting factor all these different workers , worked together ,as one , bringing the health service to everyone. The NHS is the biggest employer in the UK , employing 100’s thousands of workers ,what is going to happen with brexit ? Are they going send these workers home , or not allow new workers to come .The numbers are so large and important to everyone in this country with an aging population ,there is no way to reduce immigration to 10,000’s . This just one employer , all our sections of industry ,science ,service industry and finance employ large numbers of workers from the rest of the world ,unless the country comes to a stop we need these workers.