Festive Season

20th December 2016 By Les

Only a few days to go until a large section of the world’s population have a rest from the worries of the world and send time with their families . A time to reflect on the passing year , how ones life has changed , for good or bad . This is also a time when people or groups of people try to bring pressure on society ,usually it is peaceful such as industrial strikes ,ie on travel etc ,or religion with the message of love and help for one’s fellow man. Yesterday the message was hate and revenge ,with the assassination of  Anrei Karlow the Russian Ambassador , and the murder of 12 people in Berlin at the Christmas Market ,plus that of the Polish driver shot in his cab.The effects of these two acts of hate is to bring more suffering on the refugees you have fled to Europe and Turkey looking for a safe place to live and bring up their families , safe from bombs and war. Now a finger of distrust will be pointed at them all ,just because of the action a few people with hate ,rather than love in their hearts.