Democracy and Human Rights in the EU

4th November 2017 By Les

Spain verse the elected politicans of Catalonlia.

Last year I voted to remain in the EU ,but since then my views have completly changed ,a unified Europe is great for peace and prosperity ,but an EU dominated by the Commision in Brussels whose long term aim is to form Europe into one state controlled from Brussels with the support of Germany and France. Through history individual countries have tried this from Spain in Elizathian times to Germany in the 1930’s/40’s ,through force of arms ,but now they started with trade and once this was successful the politicans moved in to take over central power from individual states ,with the individual voter in each country getting further away from the center of power which now Brussels.

In the last few weeks the power struggle in Catalonlia has come to head , with this week the Central Spanish Government putting into prison 8 elected leaders of the Catalan People and trying to extradite 5 more from Belgium including Charles Paigdemont the Catalan President. A conflict between the people of Catalonlia and the Spanish Government backed by Brussels , which Spain hopes will be resolved on 21st Dec 2017 with new local elections in Catalonlia ,the only problem  is all the  elected  leaders of Catalonlia will be in prison or on the run. Is this the new level democracy in Europe ,and what has happened to the voters human rights.