About Us

When I was at school many years ago, like most boys, I started collecting postage stamps. Over the years this has expanded into postcards, then cigarette cards, trade cards, book marks etc. It did not stop there, in the last 20 years it has expanded to include many interesting, unusual, and beautiful items, across the whole range of collecting, both old and not quite so old.

Where most people now recycle paper, tin cans, or plastic bottles, I tended to save and recycle items from the past, items that people did not value at the time, but now bring back memories.

My wife and I have started to slow down collecting and start downsizing, firstly we opened a small antique and collectable shop in our local Orpington high street. Then ten years ago I started selling on eBay (les spencer), and then I have opened a web site, so that over time I can put most of my collection on line. We have now closed our High Street shop (26/02/2007), so that we can spend more time looking after our internet customers.

Keep up-to-date on rediscovered items from the past

I'm constantly looking for interesting and unusual items from the past which I would like to share with you.